I guess 2021 is no picnic, after all!

The Prevention, Advocacy, and Resource Center (PARC) at Brandeis University recently put together a list of words that are deemed too offensive to use anymore, and you will never guess what made the cut!

Dangerous words to abstain from include," freshman, "trigger warning, "rule of thumb," and "picnic." Hypersensitive liberals at PARC are calling these seemingly innocuous words "violent language," and are essentially trying to censor our speech and limit free thought.

For example, they claimed that the word "picnic" is offensive because it can call to mind the lynching of black people. Yes, you read that right. Picnics don't conjure up images of wicker baskets filled with fruits and bread sitting atop a red and white checkered blanket. They remind people of evil, white diners who observed lynchings. Yea, um no! So does that mean we can use the word rope anymore because they used ropes for lynchings?

There are a few choice words that I have for the PARC people, as well as the word police who are trying to destroy our culture and language. They start with an 'F" and end with a "U." #Truthbomber