Women Over 40 are Still Hot AF

The internet is trending hard courtesy of 62-year-old Jamie Lee Courtis’ cleavage-bearing dress at last night’s Golden Globes. The ageless sex-symbol, who starred in films like “Trading Places” and “True Lies,” has become an overnight sensation, proving that you can be hot at any age.

As someone who entered and won my first beauty pageant in my 40’s, I can tell you that there is a confidence and sexiness that actually comes with age that you just can’t fake in your 20’s. When I won the title of Mrs. Florida 2016, I was a mom of four, grandma and wife and you know what...I felt fucking fabulous.

Back in the day, it used to be that after 36, women were cast to the side and left to whither in a housedress, eating a plate of Bon Bons. Well, no more. Today’s MILF’s are not only holding our own but we are setting a new standard of hotness. We are boss ladies who are strong, independent and still hot AF!

Last week, I saw a picture of 79-year-old Martha Stewart smoking it in a little black dress, just days after Naomi Campbell made headlines for going topless at 50. And let’s not forget J Lo is 51, and still dominating the world of music and fashion. Other sexy actresses over 40 include Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek, and Kate Beckinsale (who has a fondness for dating boy toys half her age).

So what do I think about all the attention Jamie Lee Curtis is getting? It’s about fucking time!