Woman Who Can't Define What A Woman Is Set To Be Supreme Court Justice

Judge Katanji Brown Jackson's inability to define what a woman is should have been a clear disqualifying factor in her quest to be the next Supreme Court Justice, along with her consistent leniency in sentencing prolific child pornographers.

If an alien race discovered news clippings from the year 2022, to say that any intelligent form of life would be confused and outright baffled by woke culture would be an understatement. Our future generations, if we are able to save America and return to normalcy, will be looking at contemporary American society with equal parts disgust and dumbfoundedness.

While I could give you a play-by-play of the myriad of insane policy positions and responses from Jackson, or more like lack thereof, you have likely already seen the insanely woke political theater performance more times than you needed to on social media or news reports.

However, the two most jarring parts of the Senate Judiciary Committee's nomination hearings for Jackson are really all you need to know. They dealt with the VERY clear and simple definition of what a woman is, or why Judge Jacson was routinely lenient as a federal judge in sentencing prolific child pornographers.

Jackson refused to define what a woman is, and moreover, acted as if it was some trick question or high level math equation that she was asked to answer on the spot with no time to prepare. This was a clear virtue signal to the woke crowd, who claim there are hundreds of genders and insist that the sky is not in fact blue.

This sends a strong message to the young girls of this nation, from all walks of life and racial backgrounds. It says that your femininity no longer matters and that the joys of being a woman are not reserved for actual women, but can now, according to someone who has been nominated for a spot on the nation's highest court, be prescribed to mentally ill middle aged men who play dress up.

And for the thousands of families who have been victimized by the actions of deviant sexual predators and child pornographers, Judge Jackson claimed that a pedophile's life should not be ruined because of their decision to transmit (and revictimize) photos of children engaged in illegal sex acts just because it only took them "10 or 15 minutes to transmit the child porn".

Her lack of respect for the role of actual women in society is shocking. Her defense and protection of child pornographers is extremely abhorrent. In a time where America needs to see more political, social, and community involvement from strong, and actual women, she literally spit in our faces.

She belongs nowhere near the Supreme Court and should be relegated to the fringes of far-left politics, stripped from her responsibilities as a judge at any level. Instead, she will most likely be a Supreme Court Justice for the next 50 years.

And that's a damn shame.