'Woke' Tom Cruise Returns His Golden Globes

And we all thought he was crazy for jumping on Oprah's couch!

For years the Golden Globes was seen as one of Hollywood's most glamorous events, handing out coveted awards that can make a person's career. But woke culture says "no more!"

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who are behind the Golden Globes, have recently come under fire for a lack of diversity, citing that there were no black members before 2021. And while the HFPA has announced it will take action to diversify, well, that's not good enough because we live in a culture that doesn't allow for growth, change, or redemption. You screw up, you're done! Bye bye.

Naturally, liberal white elites are jumping on board, all scared that they will be the next casualty of cancel culture. A perfect example of this would be Tom Cruise returning his three Golden Globes to take a stand against systemic racism. Funny, I don't see any black actors returning theirs.

Four-time nominee Scarlett Johansson has refused to participate in any HFPA events based on "sexism" and Netflix and Amazon followed suit, forcing NBC to announce they won't even air the 2022 award show.

Actor Mark Ruffalo no longer "feels proud or happy" about winning his award. Does he feel proud about any of the money he made because of that award? Why not give all of that money away and truly free himself of all this guilt?

Inclusion is important, no doubt, but maybe the way to go about it is by having all the whiny white celebrities use their production companies to hire more black people? Why not use their millions of dollars to fund quality projects with black and female directors at the helm? It costs nothing to throw away an award once your career has already been cemented. But this ridiculous outcry...it's all for show. That's why its called showbiz! #Truthbomber