Woke America Ignores SNL's Anti-Semitic Joke

Live from New York, its a bunch of anti-Semites.

This past weekend, the once popular variety show, decided to take a jab at Israel and the Jewish people, when black comedian (and I use that term comedian loosely) Michael Che implied that Israel was purposefully not vaccinating Arabs. Aside from the fact that is entirely UNTRUE, the comment was obviously intended to perpetrate hate against the Jewish people, who ironically have always been an allies to the black community. In fact, Jews were some of the first white people to march alongside of Martin Luther King Jr. and fight for integration.

Before I even begin to talk about the bullshit Hollywood, hypocrisy here, I want to point out all the technologies and medicines that Israel has not only shared with their neighbors but with the entire world. Some of them include a flexible stent for open-heart patients, firewall software, USB flash disks, WAZE, the artificial retina, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and a diagnostic test that screens babies for autism. Oh, and by the way, Michael Che, it was Motorola's Israel A&D center that engineered the genesis for what is cell phone technology, so maybe you should try mentioning that before disparaging an entire nation on unfounded accounts simply to get a cheap laugh out of your leftist, bigoted audience.

I also want to point to an earlier post of mine about an openly conservative actress who got canned from Disney for Jewish comparisons, when Michael Che went on live television, in front of millions of people, to take a giant swing at an entire religion. Can you imagine if a white comedian said something offensive about Africa. That bitch would be cancelled faster than you can spell the word "racist."

Wake up people. We are living in a world of double standards, hatred towards Jews, and a media machine that is fueling the fire. #Truthbomber