Will Smith's Oscar Win Exposes The Real Privilege

Will Smith's assault on Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Award ceremony is a vivid example of just how far down we have gone as a civilized society. We are living in a world where, so long as you are part of the left, someone can say something offensive, you can respond to them with violence, and then receive an award and standing ovation all within the same hour. If this doesn't scare the shit out of you, I don't know what will!

Perhaps, Donald Trump Jr. said it best in this tweet, "What kind of privilege is it when you can assault someone on national television and then go ahead and win an Oscar rather than go to jail? Asking for millions of supposedly privileged people."

Yes, millions of people would like to know how in a world where Roseanne got canceled for an online remark, and Dr. Suess's books are being banned from elementary schools, Will Smith can physically attack someone without repercussion?

Let's be real. If John Voight or another right-wing celebrity (whichever few haven't been boycotted from the business) would have gone on stage and smacked Chris Rock, a black comedian, cries of racism would have roared through Hollywood. Anarchy would ensue. But because a liberal black actor did it, he was given an award and tweets of sympathy by A-listers like Tiffany Haddish who wrote that it was "the most beautiful thing I've ever seen."

So in Hollywood's eyes, we can't cast white actors to voice black cartoon characters or state that there are biological gender differences, but it's totally cool and "beautiful" to resort to physical violence and uncontrolled rage when someone says something that offends us.

It's worth noting that purposefully, this year's Oscars were hosted for the first time by an all-black production company. Because that's not racist, saying, "No white people allowed to be at this job." Remind me of white privilege again? #Truthbomber