Why The Resignation of Teen Vogue's Editor Highlights a Larger Societal Problem

After the recent resignation of the 27-year-old Teen Vogue editor-in-chief which was prompted by the discovery of racist tweets she made as a teenager, only one thought came to mind... this generation is fucked!

Growing up, it was expected that we were all going to make mistakes along the road to adulthood. We were expected to try, fail and then take those tools we learned in the process to figure out who we were meant to become. In short, we were allowed to grow into people. We were allowed to be dumb kids. We were allowed to get our asses handed to us when we deserved it and a lot of times those were the defining moments that changed our lives forever. Did we say things that were ignorant? For sure! Did we do stupid things like lie to our parents and spend the day drunk at Action Park? Of course! But fortunately for us, there were no social media tracking our words and recording our actions. We made mistakes, we learned from those mistakes, and we grew the fuck up. This generation has no such luxury.

The departure of Teen Vogue’s Alexi McCammond, a young female editor at the start of her career, is a metaphor for the harsh realities facing our children. They are learning that there is no redemption, there is no room for error, and that one dumb thing you do at 15 could ruin your chances of having a meaningful life. The “woke police” are after robotic perfection, but the problem with that is nobody is perfect. The human condition was designed for us to live and learn. The only thing this generation is learning is that the key to survival is not pissing off the agenda of the “woke police.” They are learning that if they don’t march with them and post the prescribed images, they can be their next victims. This generation is being manipulated by a society that is dangling their future like a carrot. Do as I say, and you will pass go, don’t do as I say and have fun in the unemployment line. What a sad way to grow up. #truthbomber