Why D-List Celebrities Love Cancel Culture

This week, People Magazine featured an article where Sean Young claimed that Charlie Sheen wrote the word cunt on a piece of paper and stuck it to her back during the filming of “Wall Street,” a movie released in 1987, and it is the perfect example of how desperate hasbeens are trying to use cancel culture’s hypersensitivity to resurrect their careers.

Last time I checked Sean Young hasn’t been relevant since the early 90’s. She has no hit show on Netflix, no clothing line or podcast to promote. What she does have is some ridiculous antidote that she thinks can put her in Hollywood’s wounded sparrow club, and it is so obvious and so desperate. Newsflash to fragile actresses everywhere… being called an unsavory name is not the same thing as being a victim of sexual assault or violence and by trying to lump them in the same category you are diminishing everyone who have truly been victimized. If you think being called a cunt is in the same vicinity as a rape victim, and worthy of a headline, then you are a poor excuse for a human being.

Sean Young isn’t the only one trying to cash in on hot topics. This week Rosie O’Donnell said that Whitney Houston was confused and troubled by her queer inclinations, claiming the deceased superstar was hiding the burden of being sexually attracted to woman. Not only is this an unsubstantiated claim, but it is one that cannot even be defended by Houston, as she overdosed in 2012. So why is Rosie bringing this up now? Maybe it’s because she is a fallen celebrity that nobody cares about anymore and she’s hoping that a salacious rumor about a dead person will get people talking about her.

Bravo Rosie and Sean. You achieved what you both set out to do. You got people talking, except it’s only about how lame and desperate you both are. #truthbomber