What Bill Cosby's Release Tells Us About Race and Cancel Culture

In today’s America, Bill Cosby a serial rapist, can walk free. Celebrities reach out to show their admiration. Phylicia Rashad sent him congratulations. Meanwhile, Kirstie Alley can’t get an acting gig because she’s an outspoken supporter of President Trump.

If we look at this objectively, their seems to be a disproportionate amount of tolerance for bad behavior if you are a minority. You will be forgiven and embraced by Hollywood and the left. Let’s not forget that Roseanne lost her show and career for one Tweet. “White privileged” Harvey Weinstein, a fellow sexual predator, is one of the most hated men in Hollywood. Once an icon, strawberry blonde Brit, J.K. Rowling is cancelled for saying that people are either biologically male or female. American, freedom-loving actor Chris Pratt was labeled the “worst Chris” because of his patriotism.

Michael Jackson’s, artistry overshadowed the allegations of child molestation. Last year, HBO MAX pulled “Gone With the Wind” because of the representation of black people. In a left of center America, it seems that sexual misconduct is a lesser offense than a period movie, that illustrates historic moments in time.

In a country that is supposed to be blending the lines of race, Kevin Spacey went from A-list star to outcast. Roman Polanski same treatment. However Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby are icons. Welcome to the future. #Truthbomber