United Airlines Sticky Situation

After several viral videos of United Airlines' flight attendants duct tapping unruly passengers, the airline giant has come out and issued a memo against the sticky tactic.

The decisive memo comes after a wave of shocking footage showing various passenger incidents involving duct tape. Last week a belligerent 22-year-old was restrained after groping a service crew member and striking a flight attendant. Similarly, just days before, a 13-year-old was tapped down during a fight with his mom wherein a window was kicked.

According to the FAA incident claims have skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic with some 4,000 reports of out-of-control passengers. A good portion of these incidents involved masks. For example, back in March, 21 members of an Orthodox Jewish family were removed from a flight from Miami to New York because an 18-month-old baby wasn't wearing a mask. In that case, the family felt personally targeted for their religious beliefs, considering masks aren't even recommended for children under the age of 2.

United seems to have a history of using duct tape to restrain passengers dating back to 2008. While their memo failed to mention that, it did however point out the growing passenger upset in the skies since the start of Covid, putting the blame on the passengers and not themselves! #Truthmbomber