UFOs Are Real According to Former DOD Official

Something out of this world happened! A former Department of Defense program manager acknowledged that UFOs are real.

Former high-level insiders who have remained in the shadows have now come forward on one platform. The new team includes a 25 year veteran of the CIA, a program director at Skunk Works, and a former assistant director of intelligence, with the declassification of information making many of them public.

The launch of To the Stars Academy...of Arts and Science, a public benefit corporation, may signal a paradigm shift, as the initiative says there is sufficient credible evidence of UAP and exotic technologies that can revolutionize the human experience. This can represent the start of a new trend of the openness of the US government.

Present for that meeting was Luis Elizondo, who ran an important program at the DOD. Elizonda is a senior intelligence officer, who also worked with the US Army. Elizondo had resigned from the DOD after stating that he ran a sensitive aero-space identification program which focused on unidentified aerial technologies. He also confirmed that UFOs are not only real but have been officially documented. #Truthbomber