Trump Talks Afghanistan in Exclusive Interview to Real America’s Voice

Real America’s Voice partner John Fredericks recently interviewed President Donald Trump, discussing Biden’s horrific exit in Afghanistan.

Fredericks noted that Biden left behind hundreds of millions of dollars in military equipment and arsenals, which are now in the hands of the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, including 31,000 armored vehicles, 300 tanks, 126,000 handguns and 300 tanks.

When asked if this was grounds to begin an impeachment process against Biden, Trump said, “This is the most incompetent thing I have ever seen. That and having the military leave before the civilians,” noting that under his regime America was in good shape.

“[We had] 18 months without a soldier shot unlike Chicago and New York and other places. We went 18 months without having 1 solider shot and we were in great shape.” Trump continued saying that his exit strategy would have included removing “every ounce” of equipment. “You look from a commonsense standpoint, why not fly the planes out,” he wondered.

Trump went on to discuss the disrect that Biden showed military families, while checking his watch during a recent ceremony. My guess is that Biden was seeing if it was naptime. #Truthbomber