Tom Brady Called Racist for Winning Super Bowl During Black History Month

Now this one is really out of bounds! Leftist hate-mongers were not pleased that the 43-year-old quarterback won his 7th Super Bowl. But it had nothing to do with his game or even advanced age for the sport. In fact, the only thing it had to do with is the color of his skin! In a blatant display of racism, liberals took to Twitter and other social media platforms, demanding retribution because a white man shouldn't be allowed to win anything during "Black History Month." Let that one process....So by this logic, all men (including black ones) shouldn't be allowed to succeed next month because March is "Women's History Month." Give me a break.

Looks like the woke police are now coming for their own. The NFL, home to the kneeling during the national anthem craze, is now also being accused "obviously throwing this game for Tom Brady over a black Patrick Mahomes." Indulge me for a second, but everyone on Brady's team won and if memory serves me correct his team is ethnically diverse. #Truthbomber