The 'Pride Month' Scam

Retailers are loving the newish holiday called 'Pride Month,' which is essentially a month-long opportunity to sell rainbow-colored clothing and products geared toward the LGBTQ community.

What started as an opportunity to raise awareness for gay rights throughout June has turned into a multi-billionaire farce used by major retailers like Target, Tiffany, Adidas, Peleton, Olay, UGG, Hanna Andersson, Walmart, and even Disney to sell merchandise. Pride is a marketing goldmine, accompanied by countless ad campaigns telling us that the only way to support the LGBTQ community is by spending our money in their stores.

Target decided to take their pride collection to the next level by featuring non-binary clothing, including a male model in a genderless dress while luxury jeweler Tiffany chose to feature a male model dripping in female style gems. But don't think gay purchase power is solely for the mall. Cereal giant Kellogg's is selling cereal in partnership with GLAAD called Together with Pride, which features everyone from Tony the Tiger to Tucan Sam, as well as a cartoon Frosted Shredded Mini Wheat holding a gay pride flag. Absolut vodka also has a rainbow-colored bottle, so this way you can make sure you're drunk with pride too!

I am all for live and let live. This is a free country. What I don't condone is forcing the ideals and beliefs onto people in a very blatant attempt to profit off the herd's desire to be viewed as politically correct. Buying non-gay cereal doesn't make you homophobic, just as buying a pair of Calvin Klein pants doesn't make you racist.

From Saks Fifth Avenue to Barnes & Noble, retailers are trying to convince us that we are bad if we don't buy from their featured gay or black collections. Truth is, they should be ashamed for putting items like colored sprinkles in the pride section and trying to politicize inanimate objects. I mean, did we need Kellogg's GLAAD cereal? Poor little girls everywhere are thinking twice before wearing sparkles and rainbows and now they have to have anxiety about whether or not the Skittles they buy are making a statement about their sexuality. I find it ironic that gay means happy when this commercialization attempt is nothing but sad exploitation. Dear LGBTQ community, wake up! They aren't supporting you. They are extorting you. #Truthbomber