The Plan to Kill Julian Assange

In 2017, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, was sequestered at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Now, over four years later, it is being reported that top CIA officials and the Trump administration considered the assassination of the controversial Assange while he was there in England.

The articles allege that the plot came after Mr. Assange's website published information about CIA hacking tools. This spurred heated debates on the legality of actions against Assange.

The mainstream media reports that the discussions of assassinating Assange came from the highest level of the Trump administration and that Mike Pompeo sought revenge. Less widely reported, and clearly contained in the report, is that the outlet did not confirm any proposals making it to the White House. A senior official is quoted saying, "While people think the Trump administration didn't believe in the rule of law, they always had good lawyers who were paying attention to it."

There were certainly CIA plans to spy on Assange, however, spying and murder are two VERY different things. The CIA and Pompeo didn't care to comment, but President Donald Trump denied the claims, saying that Assange has been treated badly. #Truthbomber