The March Towards War Is About Much More Than Ukraine & Russia

We had four years of peace under President Trump. That hurt the pocketbooks of a lot of powerful people. Under President Biden, they want another war so that they can cash in.

With President Biden, the media, Democrats and even some Republicans beating the drum for United States involvement in Ukraine, a lot of Americans are missing key points about why this is happening. President Biden and the Lindsey Grahams of the world have been wanting war with Russia over Ukraine since 2014 when Joe Biden was Vice President.

The historic election of Donald Trump in 2016 threw a major wrench in those plans, thank God. President Trump kept his campaign promise of ending the forever wars in faraway places, instead focusing our nation's resources and tax dollars on things that matter to the American people, like securing our border by completing the wall.

This cost the military industrial complex billions of dollars in profits. It cost the news media millions in advertising. It took the power away from politicians who fancy themselves as Gods who can topple the governments of foreign nations anytime they want, for whatever reason.

That's why the media and "woke" crowd (elected and unelected) is pushing so hard for war. It's all about the benjamins. And because of Biden's horrific lack of accomplishments so far, they need this distraction. Ed Henry and I discussed this on Real America's Voice when we interviewed economist Anthony Puzder.

High gas prices? Let's go to war. Pornography in our children's schools? Let's go to war. Millions of illegals pouring across our border? Let's go to war. It's a distraction and a coordinated psychological operation on the minds of the American people. Thankfully many of us already know this and millions of others are waking up.

Hopefully it's not too little or too late for this nation.