The Cancelling of Pepe Le Pew Reeks of Hypocrisy

It’s official. The world has gone looney tunes!

Deemed a sexual predator, cartoon skunk Pepe Le Pew has been officially cut from the upcoming remake of Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam,” as well as all other projects, as his animated persona has been deemed a contributing factor to rape culture. Imagine, someone saw the now cut scene of Pepe Le Pew in the new film and thought, “Oh shit, I must save humanity from the abuse promoted by this fluffy, animated character. #Metoo. Quick, someone call Mira Sorvino!”

Apparently, the aforementioned scene involved a female character not being interested in Pepe’s advances and that is just not cool in today’s climate, which mind you is also the same climate that doesn’t allow white voice actors to play minorities, but it had zero problem with Eddie Murphy reprising his role as a crotchety, old, Jewish, white guy in the newly released “Coming 2 America.”

Warner Brothers has another potential bombshell lurking around the lot in the form of Speedy Gonzalez. Actor Gabriel Iglesias got “Tweety” and addressed on Twitter the demand for his animated character to also be cut from the new film. (In case you were wondering, Speedy Gonzalez, a tiny mouse who wears a sombrero and speaks in a Mexican accent, is accused of promoting of a “corrosive stereotype” about Hispanics).

This insanity has me wondering if indeed the Anamaniacs are the ones running Warner Brothers studio, after all. There is no telling where this lunacy will take us next, but no doubt at some point Bugs Bunny’s carrot is going to be called out for being an oral fixation and Elmira will be straight-up accused of animal cruelty. That’s all folks! #truthbomber