Spoiler Alert! App Protects You From Emotional Triggers in Movies and TV

Tired of watching a movie and being surprised by the plot? Well, fear not! Now, with the new app ‘ReelCalm’ you can take the element of emotion and unpredictability right out of the equation.

‘ReelCalm’ is an app designed to guard viewers from emotional triggers that might cause them anxiety or a feeling of unpleasantness, because, after all, who wants to actually experience a range of emotions while watching television or a movie? ‘Reel Calm’ calls itself a “community-based app,” as it allows people to forewarn others with the number “Potential Triggers” in any given movie. So, I guess this means no one is ever watching “Bambi” ever again.

To make sure you are guarded from anything offensive, users can choose from a selection of potential triggers including LGBTQ trauma, racism, refugee trauma, animal abuse or death, natural disaster, and even the fear of vomiting. Wow! Am I glad this exists. I can’t wait to make sure that the only movies or shows that I watch stay in line with my political and social beliefs so I never have to take into account someone else’s story or perspective again. What a lifesaver.

Don’t think this app is just to guard the human heart from aggressive films like “Full Metal Jacket” or “Pulp Fiction.” You can use it scope out your children’s Disney picks, making sure they grow up in a bubble not knowing the real world actually exists. After all, what better way to combat racism, stereotypes, abuse and alcohol addiction than to keep it out of sight and mind. #Truthbomber