Sorry Liberals, But Princess Culture Isn’t Toxic Afterall

Woke America, the verdict is in, and guess what? Conforming to societal gender norms is actually a good thing for children!

Despite their best attempt to paint princess culture as sexist and anti-feminist, turns out embracing classic Disney-style movies can actually reduce "toxic masculinity" in boys and enable "progressive views about women," according to a recent study by Brigham Young University.

"Princess culture gives women key storylines where they’re the protagonist. They’re following their dreams, helping those around them, and becoming individuals who aren’t prescribed a role because of their gender," said Sarah Coyne, associate professor of human development at BYU.

A similar study conducted by Coyne in 2016 at BYU indicated that princess culture was toxic, which makes the recent findings all the more welcome. Coyne went on to note that children who engage in princess culture have positive views on gender, relationship, and career goals, further straying from the original theory that princesses were detrimental to mental health and development.

Sorry liberals, but it looks like little girl's playing princess is here to stay! #Truthbomber