Simon Cowell Pulls Out of Israeli 'X Factor'

Just call him Simon Coward. Famed TV personality Simon Cowell, best known for his mean-spirited commentary that has shattered countless dreams, won't be judging the 4th season of the Israeli "X Factor," which was set to begin filming over the summer. While he claimed "personal" reasons for the abrupt departure, Cowell's exit was no doubt prompted by the recent conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas. Woke Hollywood liberals and mainstream media have been working tirelessly to taint Israel, even though they are the only democratic government in the Middle East. Israel hosts gay pride parades, fosters education for women but ya know....I guess that isn't good enough for the anti-Semites who rather side with terrorists who use their cash to build tunnels over schools. I have always liked Simon Cowell. Something was refreshing about his brand of honesty, however, he is now more concerned about maintaining an A-list standing than actually speaking the truth. Cowell's wife Lauren Silverman is Jewish, which by Jewish law means their son is as well. What kind of a father would prefer to side with liberal bullies than their child? #Truthbomber