Roger Stone Sues ABC News

Political powerhouse Roger Stone is suing ABC News over false reports that he was involved in the January 6th insurrection. Stone is filing a defamation lawsuit against the president of ABC News as well as several reporters who sullied his name with false claims.

This lawsuit comes on the heals of Buzzfeed News exposing's vicious tactics, using misinformation as clickbait to bolster their SEO. Roger Stone was one of the many high-profile personalties used to drive traffic through such nefarious endeavors.

Reuter's News, one of the most trusted and respected news agencies in the world, has reported that the FBI can't find any evidence of Roger Stone or any others planning the insurrection months in advance, as reported by less reliable media.

None of this comes as any suprise to me, as the libs are on a witchhunt against anyone who is associated with Trump. Not necessarily because they hate Trump, but because anything having to do with him or his associates will boost ratings for their failing networks. #Truthbomber