Roger Stone Speaks out Tonight on Matt Gaetz Scandal

In an exclusive interview tonight, Roger Stone will finally discuss the Matt Gaetz scandal, as he sits down with me as I fill in for Dr. Gina Loudon on "Dr. Gina Prime Time."

"Dr. Gina Prime Time," which airs on Real America's Voice, will no doubt be the must-watch of the season. Fortunately, the news channel streams across a multitude of platforms including Hulu, Roku, and Pluto. Real America's Voice is also available on cable. For those who will be away from their TV but still want to get the scoop, you can stream the show through their app or website.

Just to recap, Rep. Matt Gaetz has been embroiled in controversy over an alleged sexual encounter with a minor. The Daily Beast is reporting that Joel Greenberg, who is at the center of it all, had requested a pardon from Roger Stone. Tune tonight to see what really went down.#Truthbomber