Olivia Newton-John defends 'Grease' Amid a Push to Boycott the Classic Musical

Tell me more...tell me more! Unless, of course you are an overly 'woke' liberal, who wants to complain about yet another American classic. In that case, you can be quiet.

They attacked our statues and our National Anthem, and now the woke police are coming for 'Grease' , a campy 1970's musical about a bunch of misfit teens from the 1950s. I'm sure there are more important things in life for these pseudo-vigilantes to focus on than whether or not the scene in Frenchie's bedroom was overtly sexual. Lest we forget half the cast were in their 20's and30's!

After a December airing of 'Grease' on the BBC, Twitter erupted with people demanding the cancelling of this movie, particularly because of the scene where Danny tries to make a move on Sandy at the drive-in. Wait, so hold on, let me process. Now we can't even WATCH anything about a failed attempt at hooking up because the #metoo culture thinks that it could have been a sexual assault scene. So I guess the only things that we are allowed to watch are from the pre-approved "Black History Month" list of movies curated for us on Amazon by Regina King.

Thankfully, Olivia Newton-John clapped back at the online haters who are calling the movie "sexist" and "rapey," and complaining about the lack of diversity at the fictional Ridell High, by saying, "It's a fun movie, musical not to be taken so seriously." The actress continued," [People] need to relax a little bit and just enjoy things for what they are....I think it's a fun movie that entertains people."

Unfortunately, the politically correct posse rather focus on negativity and hate. What a sad way to be. 'Grease' you are the one that I want! #truthbomber