A U.S. citizen who used to work as a New York City Uber driver is on trial, accused of trying to fly to Afghanistan to join the Taliban.

Delowar Mohammed Hossain, 36, faces terrorism charges for his alleged plot to leave the country to join the terrorist group. Assistant U.S. Attorney Ben Schrier says there is evidence that Hossain was already executing his plan when he was arrested in NYC's JFK airport carrying $10,000 in cash.

Authorities said Hossain was not only transparent about his plan to kill Americans, but he bragged about his plan to avert raising red flags by first traveling to Bangkok and then to Pakistan before finally making it to Afghanistan.

Hossain was said to be a fan of Al Qaeda reading materials, including instructions on bomb-making. He only decided against an attack on an NYC military installation because he didn't think he could kill enough people. He allegedly told undercover informants that he tried to throw off investigators by appearing as anything but a radical Muslim, frequenting bars and strip clubs while encouraging them to get dirty with him.

Now his defense attorney, Andrew Dalack, is painting this self-proclaimed terrorist as a playboy with a wild imagination, claiming his suitcase packed with items were to be used to pick up women in Thailand. He also adds that Hossain asked informants to help him get condoms and hair gel for the trip, as they don't fit the profile of a radical Islamist. Hossain is being charged with attempting to provide material support for terrorism and attempting to contribute to the Taliban. He faces decades in prison. We can only hope justice will prevail. #Truthbomber