Nickelodeon Pisses off Parents With Playing the Racism Card

Nickelodeon, the network that brought you such mindless joys as "Ren and Stimpy" and "SpongeBob Square Pants," has decided to veer off course and play liberal brainwasher, instead of children's entertainment.

Last week, in honor of Earth Day, Nickelodeon presented a special titled, "Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change." But rather than teach children about the benefits of recycling, they decided to focus on teaching children "the meaning of environmental racism."

That's right, folks because now even the environment is racist! Outraged parents quickly took to social media, exasperated that for Earth Day they were teaching children that systemic racism is what is causing poverty, sewage, and landfills in minority communities. Nickelodeon responded to the backlash by silencing parents and disabling the comments section on their Twitter and YouTube page.

I remember when the entire Nickelodeon network revolved around fun and being slimed. Now, it is just a slimy liberal cesspool waiting to infiltrate the innocent-minded youth of America. I wonder if they plan to ever do a special on the horrors of Nazi Germany or black-on-black crime?

Parents I hate to say this but gone are the days where you can trust that a children's network is anything other than a vehicle for warping your child's thoughts. Where is Mr. Rogers when you need him? #Truthbomber