New York Flips on Cuomo

New York State Assembly has decided to look into the sexual harassment allegations against Cuomo after much public outcry. While this reversal of heart doesn't guarantee impeachment, it is a step in the right direction for justice.

As governor of the state of New York, and brother to popular CNN host Chris, Cuomo was often painted by the press as the darling of the Big Apple, despite a history of misconduct a corruption. Cuomo was a liberal media hero at the beginning of the pandemic, despite his questionable handling of nursing home deaths in the wake of COVID-19.

While Cuomo himself seemingly downplayed his actions, chalking his predatory behavior up to his Italian heritage, at least the New York State Assembly is opening up to the gravity of his indiscretions.

Cuomo's corruption runs deep, as does the media machine behind him that has worked tirelessly to paint this sinner as a saint. It's time to bring this creep to justice.#Truthbomber