New Year, New Wishes!

New Year, New Wishes!

It’s funny how as we get older, sometimes our eyesight becomes weaker, but our mental vision and personal perspectives become that much more clearer. It’s like all our history and experiences come together to provide a clarity that was unavailable years earlier and while some people may need reading glasses they are figuratively “seeing the world” with 20-20 vision.

It’s no coincidence that this year we are ringing in 2020, a time to finally leave behind all the obscurity, fighting, tension and inaccuracy of days gone by and approach things with a renewed sense of optimism and transparency. In 2020 we can take all that we lived and learned and use it to brighten our own paths as well as the paths of others.

A lot people make New Year’s resolutions to diet and exercise but this year I encourage you to start the year off by celebrating all that you overcame on your journey. Negativity is so 2019! Starting this January, it’s time to shift perspective and start envisioning the future that you can help create. There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than that of a clear-mind, open-heart and desire to bring some good into the world. Here’s to the start of a fabulous new beginning.

Karyn Turk