New Jersey Town Under Attack from Hate Crimes

A New Jersey town has been victimized by hate crimes, yet mainstream media is completely silent. The reason for that; the victims are Jewish!

Liberal media loves Black Lives Matter and pleads to stop Asian hate, but when it comes to Jewish people, seems like any form of persecution is a-go. For example, the latest ignored incident occurred when a man wielding a bloody hammer attacked people in a pediatrician's office. The attacker went up to a mother asking if she was Jewish, before the mother barricaded herself and her daughter in a bathroom, and then bloodied a receptionist.

Only a few representatives spoke out about this incident, including Democratic New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer who asked why the suspect wasn't charged with a hate crime. The young mother posted on social media, "If this isn't prejudiced I don't know what is. Seems like a hate crime to me."

A spokesman for the Bergen County prosecutor refused to comment, however, in recent memory, there have been several incidents against Jewish people that the office ruled not to be hate crimes, even though they occurred in a kosher bagel store and at a synagogue. In the latter incident, a car full of people with water guns targeted worshipers, shooting at them and taunting them, taking pictures and videos. When a worshiper asked them to stop they said, "No way, Jew!"

in 2019, the Teaneck deputy mayor was attacked in Florida, with threats of rape while the attackers said "Free Palestine." A good Samaritan saw and pulled up with a gun, helping her escape.

In an age where you can't call someone pregnant because it is offensive to trans people, and students have to learn about white privilege, I find it odd that no matter how "woke" we get, it's still ok to be hurtful to Jews. #Truthbomber