Netflix's "I Care A Lot" Finally Shining a Light on the Twisted Guardianship System

People all over the internet are enraged by Rosamund Pike's portrayal of a sweet-looking woman who scams the elderly out of their money through a guardianship role. They think the plot is awful, disgusting, and evil. My response to them? You bet your ass it is!

As someone who has been fighting a demented guardianship system that allowed my mother to die and then sent me to jail no less, I can tell you first hand that this movie SHOULD scare the shit out of you. I am living proof that this conniving, vicious system can attack and destroy anyone's family at any time. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

My hope is that this movie will terrify people with the awful truth, and we can finally enact some change in this country to protect our most vulnerable. This film, which rides along the heels of the #freeBritney movement, is highlighting a lurking predator that most people never knew existed, and its time they get called out for what they are... pieces of shit preying on the weak for their own gain# trutthbomber