NBA Pushes Back Against Mark Cuban's Desire to Ban National Anthem

A day after Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, publicly claimed to be dropping the national anthems from all home games, the NBA officially told the liberal, egomaniac a big, fat "NO!"

Cuban, wanting to appeal to the far-left's desire to paint our country as a racist horror show, said that he was cancelling the national anthem because he wanted those feeling unrepresented by the anthem, "to feel heard."

The only thing we heard was the NBA's quick-response, telling the "Shark Tank" host and future political hopeful that, "All teams with play the national anthem."

While the fans were outraged over Cuban's desire to toss out the anthem, the Biden administration had nothing negative to say about his controversial decision. Looks like Score- 1 for NBA, Score - 0 for liberal! #thruthbomber