"Mom" and "Dad" Are No Longer Safe Words

This is motherfu**ing crazy!

Taking its cue from the democrats, a prominent NYC school is now encouraging kids to refrain from using the words “mom” and “dad” because they claim it makes assumptions about their personal lives. Instead, the children should refer to parents as “guardians,” folks, or “caregivers.” I refer to this as bullshit.

In a multipage manifesto, The Grace Church School lays out exactly what you can and cannot say in an effort to promote inclusivity. For example, don’t you dare think about asking someone where they are from. Instead, you have to say some preprogrammed, crappy line like, “What cultural background do you best identify with,” which is shocking considering this is an Episcopal school that is religiously identified. They literally have the word “church” in their name!

As a mom, stepmom, and pseudo-adoptive mom, I am personally offended that society would strip me of those meaningful titles to promote the same system of values that thinks it’s ok for a man to go into a lady’s room because he thinks he’s a woman. Who is protecting us women? Who is protecting us moms? We are now facing an uphill battle. Us women need to allow men in our private, safe spaces, to be able to compete against us on our sports’ teams, and now we can’t even be acknowledged for the miracle of giving birth during “Women’s History Month,” no less. This is somehow progress?

As an adopted child I can’t even imagine how devastated I would have felt if my adoptive mother couldn’t have been called "my mom," a title she earned and deserved. Getting rid of “mom” and “dad” is arbitrary. Why not “sister” or “brother.” Why not the prefix Doctor, because it automatically makes you assume the person is a medical doctor? (Get ready Dr. Dre and Dr. Pepper).

The school’s guide also thinks we should banish words like “girl” and “boy” and even nicknames like “sweetheart.” So, what exactly can we say? How do we ever differentiate ourselves or is that the point to all this? In fact, I think they want a clone society with no love, joy, or tolerance. Nancy Pelosi and her legion of liberals want to turn everyone against everyone and create hate and intolerance where there is none, and THAT is the mother of all truths. #truthbomber