Miss Nevada Born a Mister

She has style. She has grace. She has...well, not sure if she still has that, but regardless Kataluna Enriquez does have the auspicious title of becoming the first-ever transgender Miss Nevada!

Just in time to milk the last bit of Pride Month press, Nevada's crowning of the 27-year-old was a strategic move to garner press and align with the liberal right who are hellbent on having men ultimately infiltrate and dismantle the entire feminist movement. Essentially, they are taking away balance and leaving women, once again, in second place behind a man! Tell me, how is this progress?

Enriquez's win came to the delight of the LGBTQIA community. Wait, so we can't say LGBTQ anymore? Here's a new letter to try...W. How about W for women's rights? I think it's time they start having some respect for those. #Truthbomber