Mark Cuban's NBA Team Ditches the National Anthem

Attention Mark don't mess with Texas!

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, has decided to become the most "woke" person in sports by getting rid of our National Anthem at all home games. Texas has always been a red state, celebrating liberty and American values, but looks like Cuban has no problem isolating the fans who line the seats (and his pockets) so long as he keeps up his liberal image.

Curious what exactly this rich, white, male finds offensive about the National Anthem. Perhaps he has something against all the people who have served our country over the years. You know, black, white, poor, Hispanic, young and old etc. People of all colors and creeds trying to uphold democracy. Oh, wait, I get it, Cuban is a capitalist and right now democracy and tolerance isn't trendy. He is meticulously catering to the sensational left, hoping to profit from being part of the hip movement.

Hey Mark, curious if you have a problem with any of the white, slave owners whose faces are on that stack of money that you sleep on. Asking for a friend. # Truthbomber