Liberal Media Sinks to Disgusting Low in Coverage of Rush Limbaugh's Death

Just when I thought the liberals couldn't go any lower, they decide that defaming the dead was the new cool thing to do. Rush Limbaugh, the iconic talk show host who helped pioneer talk radio, died after a battle with lung cancer. Rather than break the news of his passing, media outlets like the Huffington Post decided to use it as an opportunity to dance on his grave, with revolting headlines like, "Bigot,Misogynist,Homophobe,Crank: Rush Limbaugh Dead."

Before I even begin to unpack that pile of garbage, I want to mention that this is the same rag that printing the headline, "Is Michael Jackson Moonwalking in the Clouds 6 Years After his Death." So an accused CHILD MOLESTER, with multiple accounts of assault is given an angelic posthumous image. Similarly, when a top Iranian general was killed in Baghdad last month, CNBC gave all but a glowing obituary. So here we go folks, in America, you can be an alleged child molester who publicly admitted to having sleepover parties with little boys, and an international terrorist and get more respect than a conservative.

Woke America, let's spin it this way. You just trashed a deaf, former addict, someone's child, someone's friend, all because you didn't like some of the things he said in the past, yet you still play the song Thriller knowing good and well that Michael Jackson was a serial predator.

The vile mentality continued to social media with TV writer Mike Drucker Tweeting, "It's easy to make fun of Rush Limbaugh right now, but it's important to remember he made a lot of people happy by dying." D- level comic Paul F. Timkims followed suit saying, " If I had to say something positive I guess I'm glad Rush Limbaugh lived long enough to get cancer and die."

The insensitive comments, continued, too many to mention and also not even worth giving credence to. Apparently in 2021, the only lives that matter are black ones. #Truthbomber