Liberal Media Silent On Anti-Semitic Reaction to Mayim Bialik's 'Jeopardy' Gig

Jewish actress and legit neuroscientist Mayim Bialik has been named the new primetime host of 'Jeopardy' and mainstream media is completely fine with anti-Semitic slander against the "Call Me Kat" star.

The Daily Beast reporter Tirhakah Love slammed the appointing of Baialik simply because she is Jewish, calling her "genocidal" because she supports Israel, the only democratic system of government in the Middle East.

He then continued by Tweeting, "Define Zionism" by calling it "a faux ethno-religious liberation movement that is staunchly imperialistic as it's an extension of british colonialism and an articulation of white supremacy."

Similarly, black director Matthew A. Cherry Tweeted, "RIP Jeopardy. Was fun while it lasted."

Now, if LaVar Burton had been named permanent host and someone wrote "RIP" or called him "genocidal" for supporting BLM, that person would have automatically been called racist and canceled by the entire internet, proving once again, that liberal media is blatantly anti-Semitic, even to their own.

You see, Bialik, who earned her Ph.D. from ULCA, happens to be a staunch Democrat and Biden supporter. She also vocally supported Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernik, yet she is still a villain simply for her religion.

I thought the whole idea was to end white male privilege. So here Jeopardy goes and picks an educated, liberal woman to replace a white man, and that's not good enough because she's not the right kind of woman. Wake up people, the only ones that liberal America accepts are the people who look and think just like them. Now THAT sounds like supremacy to me! #Truthbomber