Liberal Media Are Just a Bunch of Crazy, Ex-Girlfriends!

They just can't seem to let him go! Even though it has been over a week since Donald Trump left office, liberal media is still obsessed with talking about him at every opportunity. For someone they didn't want in office, they sure do like to give him an awful lot of attention, and air-time. And if imitation is the highest form of flattery, one can argue that people like Trump a whole lot better than Biden. As a matter of fact, last week's Saturday Night Live, was very noticeably missing a political skit. For decades, the once well-liked show featured every American president in a parody form. The last 4 years of the declining show featured a relentless mocking of Trump, one they often relied on for ratings. One can argue that their Trump gimmick is what kept them afloat in recent years. Even Jimmy Fallon is still at it, cracking jokes at Trump, showing that he's like a crazy, ex-girlfriend who is obsessed with talking about the guy that dumped her. #Truthbomber