Karyn Turk Addresses Guardianship Improvement Task Force

Last week, I addressed the Guardianship Improvement Task Force in what I can only pray will be the start of a new era for reform and change.

There truly is a systemic problem in Florida where far too many stories of abuse and neglect get swept under the rug. These horrid actions are perpetuated by a crooked legal system that lacks transparency. For example, I put in a Public Records Request pointing out very specific fraud and abuse tactics, yet that record request hasn't been responded to. The lack of transparency seems to be intentional. The legal machine in Florida, at the peril of the most vulnerable, seems to be structured to prevent exposure of unscrupulous lawyers that thrive in probate and family court.

It's hard to believe, as a logical human being, that I can't put in a Public Records Request and cite a name and have the clerk's office look up that name and give public access to the records that go along with that. And this isn't a one off experience. I have spoken to many reporters with valid and justified claims to look into that were flat-out DENIED. Makes you wonder what it is that they are hiding. #Truthbomber