Karyn on Liquid Lunch - Epstein and the Clintons

Corruption, abuse and the dark side of an American President and First Lady all come into focus on this episode of Liquid Lunch, featuring Karyn Turk, host of Behind the Headlines. Join former Mrs. Florida, Karyn Turk as she exposes the nefarious actions of some of America's most protected individuals.

Karyn Turk is a former Mrs. Florida, activist and political commentator on “Behind The Headlines” -- Today on Liquid Lunch, John Tabacco talked about the top news stories of the day. We kicked off Hour 1 with actress and model, Xen Sams, who discussed the biggest trend in social media today. Next, we pondered about today’s important Fed meeting and what the Chinese government is putting in Americans' mailboxes. We wrapped the hour with "Bail Bond Queen' Michelle Esquenazi, who gave her take on bail reform and Christie Lombardo, founder of freshyfare.com, who gave us the secret to staying safe and healthy in quarantine. In Hour 2 of Liquid Lunch, we learned about why women want Trump to stay in the White House. Then, we talked to nutritionist Amy Bursor, and you won’t believe what she had to say about what's in your dog’s food. Keep watching to hear why the investigation of Ellen DeGeneres’s show may be linked to Jeffrey Epstein and who else is in danger because of Epstein and the Clintons. John Tabacco wraps up the show by discussing the House Democrat testimony disaster & how AG Barr destroyed Jerry Nadler.