Justin Bieber's Dreads Have Him in Hot Water

Justin Bieber debuted his new dreadlocks and people are straight-up pissed!

Justin is being accused of cultural appropriation, and being called a racist for rocking the new hairdo. This isn't the first time Justin's dreads have gotten him in trouble. Back in 2016, some were displeased with his tousled dreads, but in 2021 that is a near federal offense!

Justin posted a picture of his new look just days after posting a picture of black shooting victim Ma'khia Bryant, for which he was praised. So in the same week, he was both a BLM hero and a racist monster. Which one is he?

I thought imitation was the greatest form of flattery, unless you are copying the style of a black person then you are accused of cultural appropriation. Funny, many black women wear wigs so their hair looks like Caucasian women's hair but they are never called racist for that. How is that any different? How is a black woman wearing a Lisa Rinna-style wig any different than a white man with dreads? Oh, I forgot, black people can't be racist. My bad. #Truthbomber