James Corden's Golden Globe Nomination Controversy; He's Just Not Gay Enough

The internet is outraged that the lovable, late-night show host was nominated for his performance in Ryan Murphy's Netflix movie "Prom" where he played a gay Broadway actor. Apparently now it is not good enough to have gay representation in films but they must be played by gay people too. Funny how nobody seems to mind that Cheyenne Jackson, a gay Broadway star, is playing a straight guy in "Call Me Kat" or that the horny, oldest "Bridgerton" brother is played by an openly gay actor.

James Corden is certainly one to mock conservatives, but I wonder how he's feeling now that he's being attacked by his own legion of hypocritic, nothing is ever good enough, fellow democrats. I think the British-born actor is learning that nobody is immune to cancel culture...no matter who you voted for! #truthbomber