In a State of "Jeopardy"

Since the passing of longtime host Alec Trebek, many celebrities have been vying for the coveted spot of permanent host. Much like after the departure of Regis Philbin from the morning show that made him a household name, celebrities are clamoring at the opportunity for a cushy position that comes with a built-in loyal fanbase.

For a while people thought it would be snooze-fest Katie Couric, but new rumors of it being guest host Dr. Oz has turned the internet on its head, and I’m here to tell you why.

You see, Dr. Oz, America’s once favorite physician, broke from the liberal mold and spoke his mind during the pandemic by offering both advice to President Trump and appearing on FOX News, which is “woke culture” career suicide. For example, when Dr. Oz suggested schools reopen and the country gets its “mojo back," people nearly lost their shit. That wasn’t what people wanted to hear, because that wasn’t part of the overriding narrative of fear and submission. Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci is the same guy who said, “Don’t wear masks,” only later to tout wearing masks and goggles.

Dr. Oz is clearly well-suited for the hosting gig, as he is smart, funny, and charismatic. Only problem is he’s no longer one of “them.” He is no longer seen as someone who can be a parrot or a puppet and that scares the crap out of liberal Hollywood that uses entertainment like game shows as vehicles to promote their rhetoric. However, I find it interesting how none of “them” are coming to the defense of Dr. Oz who is Muslim…I mean, replacing a white guy with a minority is good for ratings, right? Oh wait, he’s not the right kind of minority. He thinks for himself. #Truthbomber