How The Woke Ruined The Housewives

Taking a cue from liberal media’s obsession with wokeness, this season’s “The Real Housewives of New York“ introduced its first black character whose job is to solely school and rebuke everyone on racism and viewers are turning their TVs off!

With extremely low ratings and a suspended date for the reunion show, Bravo’s choice to chastise white people can be considered an epic fail. Despite what liberals say, not everything needs to be about race, and that includes catfighting women on the Upper East Side.

Ebony K. Williams was brought on to the cast, not as an old friend who has an already forged connection with the ladies, but as a newbie playing in-house woke police with no prior connections that would justify her being amongst this tight-knit group of ladies.

“I’m a little bit of a preacher and I wear that as a badge of honor. And I’m a little bit of a teacher too,” Ebony said in regards to her persona on the show.

In one episode, Ebony decides to host a party in Harlem and then give an education lesson on black people to the rest of the cast. When did this become “The Real Housewives of History?” The show has always been about rich people's shenanigans, vapid drama, and lots of chardonnay. This is not and has never been MSNBC with lip filler!

“RHONY#Eboni gurl…the best way to teach is NOT to preach. This is not a weekly political show!” someone responded on Twitter.

Dear Bravo, nice job isolating your audience. You built an entire brand off of what would be considered “white privilege” and now you are playing the race card. Can’t have it both ways.#Truthbomber