How CNN Screwed Themselves Over Trump

They couldn't wait to get him out of office. Maybe not so smart after all!

CNN and MSNBC loved to hate on Trump. In fact, their entire brand for the last four years was based on rejecting anything that he was involved with, except this is the one thing they seemed to overlook. You see, Donald Trump brings the ratings and when the ratings go so does the money.

In fact, in the first week since Biden took office, CNN saw a massive exodus of viewers, with ratings dropping over 44 percent. Their liberal pals over at MSNBC have also seen a dip in ratings. And now that the ridiculous impeachment trial is over, they might actually have to cover some real news, as pose to the fake news that their brain-washed viewers have grown accustom to.

Well liberal news media, you wanted Biden and you got him, except nobody cares. People could give a shit about a grandfather playing Mario Kart at Camp David with his grandkid. A story like that is certainly not going to line your pockets with bonuses.

Lesson of the day; be careful what you wish for. #truthbomber