Do You Believe in Life After Tweets?

I bet she wishes she could turn back time for real!

The iconic singer/actress has recently been accused of something called “white savior complex” after posting a now deleted Tweet claiming that if she was in Minneapolis at the time, she would have been able to spare the life of George Floyd.

"Was talking with Mom & She Said 'I Watched Trial Of Policeman Who Killed George Floyd, & Cried. I Said 'Mom, I Know This Is Gonna Sound CRAZY, But.. I Kept Thinking .....Maybe If I'd Been There,...I Could've Helped," Cher wrote.

The 74-year-old then continued by adding Saturday, “Wrestled With This Twt, Because I Thought some ppl wouldn’t understand, Or Believe an Entertainer Could have Honest emotions about a human Being, suffering & Dying, even if It’s Only Shown On tv. You Don’t Know What I’ve Done,Who I Am,Or What I Believe. I CAN, I HAVE, & I WILL..HELP.”

Cher’s emotional outpouring was met with a barrage of hatred, accusing the songstress of having “white saviorism,” which stems from white privilege, and the belief that as a white person she holds more power. Naysayers continued by saying that her statement undermined all the people that were there on the scene attempting to help, including a 9-year-old bystander who testified.

So now basically you can’t be a compassionate white person without being accused of selfish behavior. Great.

Cher quickly tried to do damage control, apologizing to the black community, but the damage was done and a career spanning from the 1960’s till today is being marginalized by what...a Tweet because she felt bad that someone died? Let’s put this in perspective. If Beyoncé wrote the same thing nobody would have accused her of “black saviorism.” They would have thought she was a kind-hearted saint. White people, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. Cher, in this particular circumstance, I got you babe! #Truthbomber