Freezer Burn! Ben & Jerry’s To Stop Selling in Israeli Settlements

Ben & Jerry's announced this week that it is fully supporting the anti-Israel BDS movement by ending sales of ice cream in Israeli settlements In 2022.

Founded by the Jewish duo of Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the Vermont-based ice cream company, which publically supported the defund the police movement, can now be known as the first-ever antisemitic ice cream!

"The boycott of Israel – a democracy surrounded by isles of terrorism – reflects a complete loss of direction," said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benett.

The Foreign Ministry followed suit by saying, "It is a discriminatory and immoral decision that singles out Israel, harms both Israelis and Palestinians, and gives a tailwind to extremist, thuggish groups. This decision not only does not advance peace and the solution of the conflict, but strengthens the opponents of reconciliation between the two peoples and those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel."

If the people at Uniliver, the company that now owns Ben & Jerry's, thinks Israel is so awful I suggest they practice what they preach and personally boycott Israeli products such as USB flash drives, RCA data encryption, Firewall, electric cars, and a multitude of medical technologies that help with everything from sleep apnea to heart disease. Let's see how fast that happens. #Truthbomber