#FreeBritney, Bitch!

Thanks to Hulu’s documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which exposes the corrupt conservatorship system that has kept the pop princess trapped since 2008, people are finally opening up their eyes to the harsh realities of the guardianship system, which strips people of their rights and dignity while lining the pockets of the ill-intentioned.

Jamie Spears, Britney’s father, has kept his cash cow daughter under his thumb since a breakdown that occurred over a decade ago. The singer has since been able to work, headline a show in Vegas, and make appearances, yet she can’t make any major life decisions without her dad’s approval. Yea, because that sounds normal. She is sane enough to perform in front of thousands of people nightly, with hundreds relying on her for employment, but she can’t buy herself a car!? Britney is worth an excess of $60 million and Jamie is the only one with access to it. You do the math.

Britain’s BBC is also planning on doing their own #FreeBritney doc, exposing the entire corrupt conservatorship team and the avid fans who are the unsung heroes of the story. Thanks to her fans continual support and public outcries, the mistreatment of the vulnerable by an unjust legal system is finally coming into the collective consciousness.

In fact, Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz want to bring Britney’s case to Congress, having the pop star testify and expose the horrid conditions millions of people are living under because of the conservatorship system. The dynamic duo is eager to expose the abuse taking place at the expense of the vulnerable, and there is no better person for the job than the woman whose hit singles include titles like “Toxic,” “Overprotected” and “Criminal.” Maybe Britney’s been trying to tell us something all along. #Truthbomber