Fauci Warns About Motorcycle Rally But Gives Obama Party A Pass

To the surprise of no one, Anthony Fauci heavily critiqued the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally for its gathering but was completely silent when it came to last week's Lollapalooza and Obama's maskless birthday bash.

"No comment from St. Fauci on Obama’s soirée last night with a few hundred of his closest friends - or how about Lallapolooza last weekend in Chicago. Or, I guess it’s SELECTIVE festivities, because the virus knows, and only attacks those who fit the Dems’ narrative," said one fed-up social media user.

"I have come to loathe Fauci. I cannot believe I fell for this fraud for even a minute. Lollapalooza: Nothing. Obama birthday party: Nothing. Riding a motorcycle in the free air: SATAN'S DEVIL VIRUS WILL GET YA!," Tweeted Melissa Mackenzie.

Despite recent surges in Covid cases, this weekend Obama threw himself an all-out bash with the likes of George Clooney, Tom Hanks, Stephen Spielberg, and cyberbully extraordinaire Chrissy Teigen, along with hundreds of other guests. Rather than dub it a super-spreader event, liberal media celebrated the milestone with charming stories about how he "danced all night."

Similarly, Lallapoolza which featured superstars Miley Cyrus, Post Malone, and Foo Fighters just to name a few, racked up 100,000 attendees with no Fauci-cautioning. Now I call that some major hip hop-cracy! #Truthbomb