Eric Clapton Claims People Under 'Mass Hypnosis'

Rock and roll legend Eric Clapton recently went on the Real Music Observer's YouTube channel claiming that the public is being manipulated through 'hypnosis' and subliminal messaging into getting vaccinated.

The 76-year-old guitarist claims he was tricked into getting the Covid vaccine due to subliminal messaging in advertisements, urging others to be aware of what is truly going on.

Once he began to speak out against the vaccine, Clapton's illustrious decades-long career almost came to a halt, causing many longtime friends to disappear due to his stance.

“My phone doesn’t ring very often. I don’t get that many texts and emails anymore.”

Ultimately, realizing he wasn't alone, Clapton teamed up with fellow icon Van Morrison, who similarly claimed he wasn't "allowed" to speak against the vaccine requirements. The two have formed an alliance, urging others to wake up and see that their lives are anything but free. In 2020, Clapton, in collaboration with Van Morrison, released “Stand And Deliver,” an anti-lockdown song, which says, “Is this a sovereign nation / Or just a police state? / You better look out, people / Before it gets too late.”

Unlike other hypocritical celebrities, Clapton has put his money where his mouth is donated $1,300 to a British rock band that was fined for violated Covid protocols. Now that's being a rockstar! #Truthbomber