Earth Day Idiots

Every year on April 22 celebrities LOVE to remind us that it's Earth Day. Whether it's Sheryl Crow trying to encourage us to use only one square of toilet paper or Mindy Kaling telling us to save plastic and just eat straight from the wrapper, there are an endless amount of outlandish celebrity demands being put on us in the name of protecting "Mother Earth."

Well, I'm here to call them out on their bullshit. You see, while Leonardo DiCaprio is lamented about climate problems and trying to educate people on the concept of biodiversity, he is flying to all those fantastical speaking engagements and award shows on his very own, fueled up private plane, which burns more fuel per hour than a car does for the entire year. Needless to say, reading Prince Harry and Leo's Instagram posts about caring for our planet, gave me a good laugh today. I'd like to see either of them fly Delta, and save the planet!

Katy Perry and Gisele Bundchen are also climate activists, with Gisele even being a former keynote speaker at the UN. I wonder if she took a yacht there? We all know Gisele has a fondness for yachting. Yachts happen to discharge their waste right into the beautiful ocean, but Gisele seems to overlook that in all her musings. It is a stunning example of Hollywood's eco-hypocrisy. We are told by them to respect the planet, but they are the ones leaving the biggest carbon Gucci loafer-shaped footprints behind. It is their mess that they think we all need to clean up.

A recent celerity trend is shaming people for their use of plastic straws and shopping bags, but I'd venture to say a mega yacht causing pollution and death to sea creatures wreaks a lot more havoc than me carrying a plastic bag home from the supermarket. . #Truthbomber