Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head are the Latest Victims of Cancel Culture

An ode to cancel culture...by the #truthbomber!

Looking through the headlines, I thought my eyes had gone mad.

Were they saying Dr. Suess books were racist and bad?

Could it be liberals were cancelling the same man who had said, "the more you read the more you know?"

Who told millions of children they were perfect just so.

Yes, yes it is true, a beloved author under attack.

With Mr. Potato Head, around the corner behind his back.

Will the liberals be happy once all our innocent memories are a thing of the past?

Quick, someone better hide the Cat in the Hat real fast!

No, no I won't let the demented left win.

Thinking that all people are riddled with sin.

They prey on our heritage, trying to create evil in what we cherish.

Hoping all things pure and joyful will perish.

But if it were up to me, Dr. Suess and Mr. Potato Head would be back on top!

Not, Cardi B's vile, yet revered song, "WAP."

Just to recap here is exactly what transpired.

6 Doctor Suess books are being retired.

They are no longer being published because they are deemed too racists and crass.

By the leftist idiots with a giant stick up their ass.

Hasbro caved and is giving us the gender-less Potato head.

Trump-supporter Kirstie Alley’s career is all but dead.

And now the “The Muppet Show” comes with a disclaimer as episodes are being taken out of rotation.

As the liberals look to suck the happiness straight out of our nation!